Authentication and API keys

Kustomer uses API keys to authenticate requests.

All requests to the Kustomer API are authenticated using an API token that is included with the Authorization header of your request. Admins can manage API keys from within Kustomer from the API Keys settings page. You can access this page by going to Settings and selecting Security > API Keys.

When creating a new key, you can select an API role and apply a descriptive label to the key. Roles are useful to limit the operations requests using that key can perform.


An API key must be included in the Authorization header for all requests unless otherwise noted. They should follow the format of Bearer {{API_KEY}}.

Header Name: Authorization

Header Value: Bearer {{API_KEY}}

Note: Please make sure there is a space between Bearer and the token

To view and manage your API keys in Kustomer, go to Settings and select Security > API Keys.

To learn more about Kustomer API Keys and API key roles, see API Keys in the Kustomer Help Center.


Generate an API key from the Manage API Keys page in Kustomer.