Create customer merge

Creates a customer merge based on a set of source customer and target customer IDs.

Any one of the following roles is required for this endpoint:

Legacy RoleEquivalent Permission Set Role

Merge rules

Customer merges follow these rules:

Merge the following fields:

  • Emails
  • Phones
  • Socials
  • Locations
  • Watchers
  • Custom (target customer ID takes precedence with same attribute names)
  • Tags
  • KlassNames
  • conversationCounts (sums all values)

Choose based on most recent value:

  • Preview - Based on preview.previewAt
  • LastMessageIn - Based on lastMessageIn.sentAt
  • lastConversation - Based on lastMessageIn.sentAt
  • recentLocation - Based on recentLocation.updatedAt
  • signedUpAt
  • modifiedAt / modifiedBy
  • lastSeenAt
  • lastActivityAt

Choose based on the oldest value:

  • createdAt / createdBy

Give precedence to the target customer ID value:

  • Company
  • name
  • externalId
  • username
  • avatarUrl
  • locale
  • timeZone
  • birthdayAt
  • gender
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