Get processes (errors) by workflow

Retrieves all of the processes (errors) for a given workflow based on the Workflow ID.

Workflow process attributes

In the sample response, you will notice that workflow processes (errors) have the following attributes that can help with troubleshooting an error:

  • Event: the original event that triggered the workflow. This is a raw internal representation of the data before the data is normalized by the workflow trigger.

  • Error: a stringified version of the error object that describes what went wrong. In some cases, this will say System Error – Retrying.

  • Meta.Context: contains a stringified version of the workflow context. This includes an order array of completed workflow steps and the inputs/outputs at each step.

  • Meta.WorkflowRev: reflects the revision (rev) or version of the workflow that generated the error. This is useful if the workflow has been fixed or has changed since the workflow first generated the error.

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