Update custom attribute metadata

Sets the metadata properties for custom attributes on any of the available resources (for example, Company, Conversation, Customer, Message, and KObject (custom Object)).

Metadata property options are dependent on the data type as specified by the
suffix of the property name. The displayName default value is set to the title cased version of the camelCase property name and the type is determined automatically. For example, a property named totalOrdersNum will have a default displayName value of Total Orders (if no alternative displayName value is set) and the type is set to number based on the Num suffix in the property name totalOrdersNum.

To learn more about options for metadata properties, visit Klasses.


When you configure metadata property types for custom attributes, you must configure metadata for custom properties ending with Id before you can use the attributes. When you update these properties, Kustomer validates these values to ensure that the related object exists and matches the specified target type.

When configuring attributes as sensitive, note that some attributes will inherit any permissions and metadata from other attributes. These are

  • customer.externalId inherits permissions and metadata from customer.externalIds
  • customer.firstName, customer.lastName, and customer.displayName inherits permissions and metadata from customer.name

Custom Attributes

Custom attributes are optional and allow you to specify custom key-value pairs.

Kustomer uses a naming convention for custom attributes to specify the field data type with a name suffix:

Naming Suffix

  • Num number or null
  • At date-time or null
  • Str string or null, length: [ 0 .. 1024 ] characters
  • Txt string or null, length: [ 0 .. 1024 ] characters
  • Bool boolean or null
  • Url string or null, format: uri

Any one of the following roles is required for this endpoint:

Legacy RoleEquivalent Permission Set Role
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