Update customer attributes

Updates customer attributes.

Any one of the following roles is required for this endpoint:

Legacy RoleEquivalent Permission Set Role


This endpoint is subject to Object Rate Limiting, which limits how many updates single user can make to a single customer. To learn more, see Rate limiting.


If you omit the company, the customer will no longer be linked to the company.

Custom Attributes

Custom attributes are optional and allow you to specify custom key-value pairs.

Kustomer uses a naming convention for custom attributes to specify the field data type with a name suffix:

Naming Suffix

  • Num number or null
  • At date-time or null
  • Str string or null, length: [ 0 .. 1024 ] characters
  • Txt string or null, length: [ 0 .. 1024 ] characters
  • Bool boolean or null
  • Url string or null, format: uri
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