Update KObject (custom object) by ID

Updates an existing KObject (custom object) based on the unique ID.

Any one of the following roles is required for this endpoint:

Legacy RoleEquivalent Permission Set Role


This endpoint is subject to "Object Rate Limiting", meaning that a single user is limited in how many updates they can make to a single KObject. To learn more, see Rate limiting.

Custom Attributes

Custom attributes are optional and allow you to specify custom key-value pairs.

Kustomer uses a naming convention for custom attributes to specify the field data type with a name suffix:

Naming Suffix

  • Num number or null
  • At date-time or null
  • Str string or null, length: [ 0 .. 1024 ] characters
  • Txt string or null, length: [ 0 .. 1024 ] characters
  • Bool boolean or null
  • Url string or null, format: uri
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