## [Configuration](🔗)

Learn how to initialize the Chat iOS SDK with or without options. See [Installation, Quick Start](🔗) to learn how to configure chat during installation.

## [Open the Chat UI](🔗)

Learn all the ways for how to open the chat UI.

## [Authentication](🔗)

Learn how to authenticate chat with a JWT token to securely identify customer logins and logouts. Authentication is optional.

## [Localization](🔗)

Learn how to localize chat.

## [Customize Colors](🔗)

Learn how to customize colors for the chat widget.

## [Push Certificates and Keys](🔗)

Learn how to create push keys and push certificates to enable push notifications for chat.

## [Push Notifications](🔗)

Learn how to configure push notifications after you [enable push notifications for chat](🔗).

## [Use the SDK with Objective-C](🔗)

Learn how to use the Kustomer Chat UI API in an Objective-C project.

API references for Kustomer Chat

Visit the [Chat UI API reference](🔗) to learn how to work with the Chat SDK.

Visit [Build your own UI](🔗) to learn how to work with the Kustomer Core SDK to build your own chat UI.