Cards SDK

An introduction to the Kustomer Cards SDK and developer resources for learning more about the Cards SDK JavaScript library.

Kustomer Cards SDK

You can use Kustomer Cards to embed external applications directly within Kustomer to integrate at the UI level in addition to the API level.

In the Kustomer platform, cards appear in the righthand panel within an iFrame.

The Kustomer Cards SDK provides methods to:

  • Understand the context of user actions on a customer record
  • Permit user actions from within the card to update the customer record through the Kustomer API.

The current Kustomer Cards SDK supports methods that allow you to call any endpoint in the Kustomer API and to refresh the context payload. Additional methods will be available over time.

JavaScript library

You can configure cards to display when a user views a customer timeline and in relation to the context of the item the user views within the timeline.

To allow your card to interact with the Kustomer platform, include the following Kustomer JavaScript library:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Kustomer Cards SDK resources

You can learn more about how to use the Kustomer Cards SDK in the following developer resources:

  • Methods (Cards SDK): Learn more about the supported methods for a given card and supported methods for launching additional card-js-based modals.
  • Context (Cards SDK): Learn more about supported card contexts and custom contexts.
  • Demos (Cards SDK): Explore demos to get started with cards and widgets, and view advanced examples on using modals.