Namespacing for private apps

Learn about namespacing for private apps you create on the Kustomer Apps Platform.

You can create both private apps and public apps with the Kustomer Apps Platform.

All app names must be globally unique on the apps platform. To ensure unique names for all private and public apps on the platform, we automatically namespace private app names and relevant app component property names when you register a private app.

Namespacing for private app names

When you register a private app, the Kustomer Apps Platform automatically namespaces the app id with an underscore (_) followed by your organization ID, or orgId, to ensure that the app name is globally unique. The apps platform also automatically applies the new namespacing to relevant app component property names according to the appropriate naming schemes.

Public app names, however, do not get namespaced.

After you register a private, the returned response body for your registration request will include the automatically namespaced app definition property names.


Namespacing for app versions

The Kustomer Apps Platform automatically handles namespacing each time you register an app or update the version. This means that you don't need to maintain or update naming schemes in your local app definition during app development.

You can also submit an app definition with a POST request either with and without namespaced values. The /apps/available registration endpoint treats both namespaced and non-namespaced values as the same.


For example, let's say you registered a private app definition with the app name property my_app to your Kustomer organization with an orgId of 123456789abcdefg. Your new namespaced app ID value would be my_app_123456789abcdefg.

If you registered the same app with a Commands component with the command name property of refundOrder, your new command name would be to reflect both the private app namespacing and the naming scheme for command names.