Widget design guidelines

Design, usability, and logo formatting guidelines for widgets

Widgets appear to users as another layer on top of the Kustomer display. While widgets should follow app usability guidelines, they may also appear purposefully distinct from the Kustomer UI when the widget functions as portals to external services or platforms.

When you create a widget-based app, be careful to differentiate between the visual style of external services or platforms and the visual style of the Kustomer platform.

Widget usability guidelines

Follow these usability guidelines when you design a widget-based app:

  • Never combine Kustomer styles or designs with external styles or designs.
  • Consider how your widget interacts with the Kustomer UI.
  • Size the widget appropriately to accommodate use cases where a user might multi-task and work in both your widget and the Kustomer UI at the same time.
  • Anticipate how the user might interact with the widget alongside several other widgets open at the same time.
  • Design widgets to be fully responsive for multiple screen sizes.

Widget logo guidelines

Kustomer displays widget logos with the corners automatically rounded.

Widget logos are also displayed as a smaller favicon on the widget window.

Logo guidelines for apps with a single widget

If your app configures just one widget, the widget logo should be the same as the logo for your app in the app directory. The widget logo appears in the Widgets submenu.

Logo guidelines for apps with multiple widgets

If your app configures multiple widgets, differentiate the design for each widget logo for the user and also maintain visual coherence with your logo and brand.

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