What can Kustomer apps do?

Learn what Kustomer apps can do and how they help users extend the functionality of the Kustomer platform and support integrations with other services.

Kustomer apps extend the functionality and flexibility of the Kustomer platform and support integrations with other services.

As a developer, you can create apps for organizations to install from the Kustomer App Directory. Users can install apps to customize, automate, and build on the Kustomer platform.


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What can Kustomer apps do?

Kustomer apps can:

  • Customize UI and display elements such as KViews, custom settings pages, and widgets.
  • Add new automations to the Kustomer platform by configuring workflows, commands, and outbound webhooks to improve efficiency and communication with external services.
  • Create custom Klasses and customized app settings to build on the Kustomer platform and data model.

Customize the UI

Kustomer apps can configure custom display elements. Examples:

  • Configure KViews to embed content formatted in JSX or iFrame to provide contextual information and actions in the agent timeline.
  • Configure Commands in KViews to standardize API calls to external systems.
  • Configure Custom Settings Pages formatted in iFrame to update app settings from within Kustomer.
  • Configure Widgets formatted in iFrame to provide rich experiences for integrations with external services (for example, a VoIP or chat provider) across the UI.

Add new automations

Kustomer apps can configure automations to support communication with other services and platforms. Examples:

Build on the Kustomer platform and data model

Kustomer apps can help users extend the Kustomer platform and customize the data model for their organizations. Examples:

  • Define custom Klasses to represent domain concepts that are not included in standard Klasses.
  • Define App Settings to allow administrators to configure other parts of the Kustomer platform directly in the installed app.