What types of apps can I build?

Learn what questions to ask before you start building an app, some examples of the types of apps you can create with the Kustomer apps platform, and the main app implementation types.

Before you begin building an app, it's helpful to have a clear idea of what you want the app to do.

Questions to consider before your begin

Here are some questions to help you consider how users will interact with the app within the Kustomer platform:

  • Do you want to create a private app for your Kustomer organization only, or do you want to create a public app available on the Kustomer App Store?
  • Do you want to allow agents to perform actions with the app?
  • Do you want to bring data from an external system into Kustomer?
  • Do you want to add an app widget for the agent to access in Kustomer?

With Kustomer apps, you can build both simple and complex integrations. Answering these questions before you start will help you choose the type of implementation you’ll need to follow.

Private apps vs. public apps

You can create both private apps and public apps with the Kustomer Apps Platform:

Private apps

Any organization can create and register private apps to build on their existing Kustomer platform with custom integrations and configurations.

See Get access to learn more about access requirements.

Public apps

Kustomer works with Partner companies to provide high-quality apps for all Kustomer organizations through a selection of public apps in our public App Directory. Any organization or third-party developer can apply to become a Kustomer business partner or technology partner.

Kustomer Partners receive access to a Partner developer account and the ability to submit public apps for consideration in our app store. Our partners also enjoy many other partner program perks, including increased visibility, marketing support, and business value.

To learn more and to apply to become a Kustomer Partner, visit Partner with Kustomer.

Types of apps you can build

Here are some examples of the types of app you can build to integrate with the Kustomer platform:

  • E-commerce apps
  • Survey apps
  • VoIP apps

Continue reading to learn more about these types of apps. The examples are provided as a starting point, and you can create many different types of Kustomer apps beyond these examples.

E-commerce apps

You can create apps that integrate with external e-commerce platforms. E-commerce apps are a great example of apps that can:

  • Bring data from an external system into the Kustomer platform
  • Display the external data in the Kustomer timeline for agent access

For example, let's say an organization uses an external e-commerce platform such as Shopify to sell their products. You can create an app the organization can use to integrate with the e-commerce platform to:

  • Bring data about customer orders into the Kustomer platform
  • Display custom views that allow agents to access relevant customer order data directly from within Kustomer

Survey apps

You can create survey apps that an organization can use to collect customer feedback and then display the survey responses within Kustomer for agent access.

VoIP apps

You can create VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) apps to allow agents at an organization to answer customer calls either directly from an app widget in Kustomer or through an app already installed on the agents' computers.

You can configure VoIP apps to:

  • Display voice calls as Conversation objects in the customer timeline in Kustomer
  • Log call details such call duration, phone number called from, and call date in Kustomer
  • Provide a call recording that the agent can access through a link available in the conversation

Sample widget-based VoIP app in Kustomer (Light Mode).


Sample widget-based VoIP app in Kustomer (Dark Mode).

Types of app implementations

The Kustomer Apps Platform provides you with several different tools to implement your apps. App implementations can be categorized under two main types:

  • Workflow apps
  • Contextual UI apps

Workflow apps

You can implement workflow-based apps that allow the Kustomer platform to:

  • Pull data from an external system
  • Run the external data through a workflow or multiple workflows
  • Display the external data in the timeline

We recommend this workflow-based implementation for e-commerce apps and survey apps.

Contextual UI Apps

You can implement contextual UI apps that allow organizations to enhance and customize the Kustomer UI to display additional contextual information for agents. Here are some examples of what you can configure with contextual UI apps:

  • Widgets that allow agents to pull up external content quickly
  • Widgets that function as portals to external services (for example, a widget that integrates with a VoIP provider and allows agents to make a call directly from within Kustomer)
  • Custom Klass Views for objects such as order or shipping information in the agent timeline
  • Custom app settings pages
  • Combinations of custom views

You can configure both simple and advanced custom UI designs and enhancements with the tools available in the Kustomer Apps Platform.

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