Uninitializes the chat widget and removes it from your web page.

Removes the chat widget from the page and stops all event listeners. You must call Kustomer.start() again if you want to reinitialize.


First, initialize chat fully

Kustomer Chat must finish initializing fully with Kustomer.start() before you can execute any additional Web SDK methods.

Tip: Call other methods inside the callback of Kustomer.start() to ensure Kustomer Chat always completes initialization before the code tries to run other methods.

To learn more, see Troubleshooting: Kustomer method calls won't execute.


We're provided some examples of how you can call Kustomer.stop():

// Uninitialize the chat widget

// Uninitialize the chat widget and run a callback after the widget is removed
Kustomer.stop(function () {
  console.log('Kustomer Chat Widget stopped!');