Returns the KnowledgeBase configuration settings.


First, initialize chat

You must initialize with KustomerCore.init() before you can execute any additional Core SDK methods


// get KnowledgeBase configuration
const knowledgeBaseConfig = KustomerCore.getKnowledgeBaseConfig(function (res, error) {
  console.log('KnowledgeBase configuration!');


KustomerCore.getKnowledgeBaseConfig(function(callbackResponse, error));
function(callbackResponse, error)FunctionOptional

A callback that is run after the completion of this method.

callbackResponse is an object returned to the callback function. See the callbackResponse section below to see the properties of the object.

error is either undefined or a native JavaScript Error object.


idStringThe unique ID of the Knowledge Base.
articleSurveyObjectSee the ArticleSurvey section below to see the properties of the object.
knowledgeBaseDomainStringThe base Url of the Knowledge Base.


suggestedReasonsArray of SuggestedReasonsThe responses customers can choose from while answering your article survey. The limit is 5.

{ value: string; displayText: string; }
enabledBooleanWhether surveys are turned on for your help articles. The default value is false.
suggestedReasonsEnabledBooleanWhether customers can send feedback through your pre-written responses. The default value is false.
writtenFeedbackEnabledBooleanWhether customers can provide open-ended feedback for your help articles. The default value is false.
ratingTitleStringThe question displayed when article feedback is available.
ratingValuesStringThe rating for the article. Can be 'positive' or 'negative'.

{ value: 'positive' , or 'negative', text: string }
suggestedReasonsTitleStringThe question displayed when suggested reasons are available.
writtenFeedbackTitleStringThe question displayed when written feedback is available.
submitButtonTextStringThe label for the Submit button on your survey.
positiveConfirmationMessageStringThe confirmation message customers see when submitting positive feedback.
negativeConfirmationMessageStringThe confirmation message customers see when submitting negative feedback.