Learn about the requirements for the Kustomer chat web SDK.

This guide covers everything you need before you can install and use the Kustomer chat web SDK.

Kustomer platform permissions

To work with Kustomer chat, you'll need at least Administrator-level permission sets to create API keys and to access the chat settings for your Kustomer organization.

Browser requirements

The Kustomer chat web SDK supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome: the two most recent stable releases
  • Safari: the two most recent stable releases
  • Edge: the two most recent table releases
  • Mozilla Firefox: the two most recent stable releases
  • Internet Explorer: IE 11

Non-browser environments such as Electron or WebView are not supported.

Generate a Kustomer API Key

The Kustomer chat SDK requires an API key with the org.tracking role for your Kustomer organization.

You can auto-generate a custom SDK code snippet with an API key in your Kustomer Chat Management: Install Chat settings, or you can manually generate an API key in your Kustomer Security settings.

Auto-generate the API key

Auto-generate a custom code snippet already configured to embed Kustomer chat to your web site or web app. This auto-generated code includes a unique API key and fills out the brand ID for your selected brand to reflect your chat settings.

To auto-generate the API key for the chat SDK in Kustomer:

  1. Go to Apps in your Kustomer app, and select Chat to open the Chat Management page. Select a brand from the Brands drop-down menu, and select the Install Chat tab to open the SDK settings.

  2. Under Web SDK select Generate API Key to configure the code snippet for your organization.

  3. Once configured, you can copy and paste the code snippet to embed Kustomer chat onto your web site or web app. Kustomer lists the auto-generated API key with the name chat API Key on the API Keys page.

Learn more about the Chat Management: Install Chat settings in the Kustomer Help Center.

Manually generate the API key

To generate the API key manually:

  1. Go to Settings in your Kustomer app, and select Security > API Keys > Add API Key.

  2. Enter a descriptive name for for your API key. Set Roles to org.tracking and Expires (in days) to "No Expiration".

  3. Select Create to generate a new API Key. Save your API key is a secure location.

To learn more about Kustomer API keys, see API keys in the Kustomer Help Center.

Allow domains

Allow the following domains if your firewall, anti-virus software, or browser extension blocks all incoming traffic from IP addresses not on the allow list:

  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *

Kustomer chat only works when your browser accepts traffic from these domains.

Turn on chat settings in Kustomer

You must have Enable Chat turned on in your Chat Management: Settings for the Kustomer Chat widget for work for your organization or brand. Kustomer turns chat on by default when you create a brand.