Describe Customer

Updates information about a Customer object in Kustomer.

Use describeCurrentCustomer to add custom attributes to the Customer object of the customer logged into the chat.

Kustomer.chatProvider.describeCurrentCustomer(phone:"12121234567") { result in
  switch result {
    case .success:
    case .failure(let error):

Describe Customer attributes

A list of all standard Customer klass attributes for describeCurrentCustomer:

phoneStringThe customer's phone number as a string
phones[String]An array of phone numbers associated with this customer
emailStringThe customer's email as a string
emails[String]An array of email addresses associated with this customer
facebookStringThe customer's Facebook name as a string
instagramStringThe customer's Instagram account name as a string
twitterStringThe customer's Twitter account handle as a string
linkedinStringThe customer's LinkedIn name as a string
custom attributeSee Use custom attribute values.See Use custom attribute values.

Use custom attributes values

You can also send the SDK custom attribute values for custom attributes enabled in Kustomer.

Always use the attribute name instead of the Display Name listed in the Klasses editor (Settings > Platform > Klasses) in Kustomer. The attribute name will always be formatted in camelCase or PascalCase without spaces and also describes the data type for the attribute.

For example, if a custom attribute has a Display Name of "Avg Sat Score" and has a number data type, then the name may appear as AvgSatScoreNum. You would use AvgSatScoreNum, the system name for the custom attribute, with the SDK.


Activate custom attributes for the Customer klass

To update custom attributes, ensure you have the custom attribute key-value pairs activated for the Customer klass on the Kustomer platform. To edit or view custom attributes for the Customer klass, go to Settings and select Platform > Klasses > Customer.

To learn more, see Define custom attribute in Kustomer in the Kustomer Help Center.


Always send in the system name for custom attributes and check that the attribute is activated in the Klasses editor.