Learn about the requirements for the Kustomer Chat iOS SDK.

This guide covers everything you need before you can install and use the Kustomer Chat iOS SDK.

Apple iOS development requirements

The Kustomer Chat iOS SDK requires the following minimum Apple iOS and Xcode versions:

  • iOS: Minimum build target version of iOS 11
  • Xcode: Xcode 12


Given Apple's deprecation of Xcode 12 & lower, all Kustomer iOS SDKs can only be built using Xcode 13 starting in version 2.6.2 of our SDK.

Kustomer platform permissions

To work with the Kustomer Chat SDK, you'll need at least Administrator-level permission sets to create API keys and to access the chat settings for your Kustomer organization.

Kustomer API Key

The Kustomer Chat SDK requires an API key with the org.tracking role for your Kustomer organization.

You can manually generate an API key in your Kustomer Security settings.

Manually generate the API key

To generate the API key manually:

  1. Go to Settings in your Kustomer app, and select Security > API Keys > Add API Key.

  2. Enter a descriptive name for your API key. Set Roles to org.tracking and Expires (in days) to "No Expiration".

  3. Select Create to generate a new API Key. Save your API key in a secure location.

To learn more about Kustomer API keys, see API keys in the Kustomer Help Center.


Optional: Building your own UI

You can also disable all of our UI, and use the iOS Chat SDK with your own custom view controllers and interface. The ChatProvider and ChatListener classes let you interact with our API directly.

See Build your own UI for more.