Overview: Chat UI

An overview of Kustomer Chat iOS SDK API reference.

We've listed the available Chat UI API reference for the iOS SDK below. Each entry links to a page that provides code samples for the individual entry.

Show chat availability

Returns the current chat availability for an organization.

Open chat conversations

Opens a new conversation, or opens a new conversation with a message.

Opens a conversation based on the conversationId.

Open conversational assistants (chatbots) from the chat

Opens a conversational assistant based on the assistant id.

Open Knowledge Base articles from the chat

Opens a Knowledge Base article based on the article id.

Update information about a customer or conversation

Updates information about a Customer object in Kustomer.

Updates information about a Conversation object in Kustomer.

Show the number of unread, active, and open conversations

Shows the count of unread messages.

Shows the count of active conversations.

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